Inverter NEOSUN EnergyAn inverter is a device designed to convert direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). In fact, solar panels and batteries provide direct current while modern household appliances and equipment consume mostly alternative current. Additionally, alternating current can be better and more efficiently transmitted over large distances; therefore, an inverter is one of the most important components of solar power station.

Manufacturers often offer inverters with a built-in controller for ease of use because it helps to control the battery charge and selects the optimum power source. Together with the battery, this system functions as an uninterruptible power supply.

Alternating current is voltage oscillation and the inverter is able to generate a different shape of the oscillation. Thus, if the voltage curve produced by the inverter has step or trapezoid shape, it is called a modified sine. Unfortunately, most of modern equipment is quite demanding to voltage output waveform. Actually this type of inverter cannot be used with circulating pumps (as it leads to noise and overheating), PC and laptop power supply units, household appliances such as plasma TV, audio and video equipment and many other devices, because it can damage or completely disable them. You should be careful when selecting an inverter as your desire to save money can turn into significant losses if you choose the wrong type.

pure sino wave

All NEOSUN Energy inverters provide alternating current with pure sine wave voltage. This allows us to supply any household appliance even the most demanding. Besides, with other conditions being equal, a pure sine wave inverter is able to provide 15-20% higher capacity than modified sine.

Another important feature of the inverter is capability to use power stored in batteries for brief supply of the capacity higher than rated capacity of a solar panel. This is important for such devices as electrical motors, washing machines and refrigerators as they consume significant power on start. When selecting solar energy system you need to pay attention to its configuration as a single set, because correct planning will help you save money and economize on extra panels.

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