• How to become a NEOSUN Energy’s dealer?
    • It is very easy to become a dealer of NEOSUN Energy. What you need to do is just submit your request on our website including your contact information and region. Our local office will contact you shortly.

  • What are NEOSUN Energy’s requirements to its dealers?
    • You should have an experience in the alternative energy business and make at least a 20,000 USD initial purchase to get the dealer status.

  • How to become our exclusive representative?
    • In order to become an exclusive representative of NEOSUN Energy in your region, you should have at least 6 months experience as our dealer and demonstrate an outstanding sales result of NEOSUN Energy products. The required sales level is defined individually for each country or region.

      In addition to the above, NEOSUN Energy has a number of requirements to its exclusive representative, such as:

      1. Experience in renewable energy business;

      2. Skilled personnel;

      3. Training and certification based on our company standards;

      4. Office which meets the company’s requirements;

      5. Permanent balance of NEOSUN Energy products at representative’s warehouse;

      6. Advertising campaign should be agreed with NEOSUN Energy.

  • Benefits for exclusive representative
    • NEOSUN Energy’s exclusive representative gains:

      1. The best price in the region;

      2. Priority in product manufacturing and its shipment;

      3. Free sales techniques training;

      4. Marketing and advertising support;

      5. Contact information on the company’s website;

  • How to pay?
    • The payment for your order can be done via bank transfer (T/T) to our company account.

  • Payment currency
    • Payment should be made in USD.

  • Delivery term and time
    • We deliver our products to all regions across the world. Standard delivery terms are FOB or CIF.

      Delivery time depends on the order quantity and normally, it takes around 20-30 working days.

  • Payment terms
    • Our payment terms:

      1. Orders less than 20,000 USD – due to be paid in full;

      2. Orders of 20,000 USD and above are due and payable on the following schedule – 30% due to be paid upon signing of the Contract, the rest 70% due to be paid once the goods manufactured, before shipment.

  • Cost of solar panels
    • Solar panel price depends on the type of cell it is manufactured from as well as on its module size and order quantity. For more details please submit your request on our website or contact local office of NEOSUN Energy.

      For further details about our products and their cost please go here.

  • How does a solar panel work?
    • Any solar panel is an assembly of photovoltaic cells which are actually double silicon wafers converting sunlight into electricity. Photons, constituting the light, knock out electrons in a semiconductor, thus driving them from one silicon wafer to another. If you connect wires to these wafers, the current will flow through them. The brighter the light falling on the wafer the bigger the wafer area and the more electricity it will produce. Therefore such cells are often combined into larger modules including 36, 60 or 72 wafers.

      Currently there are around a dozen semiconductors available with similar properties. Some of them are able to convert up to 40% of light energy into electricity, but, unfortunately, they are still too expensive for commercial production. Solar cells based on crystalline silicon are the best value for money with an efficiency at around 16-20% and at a very reasonable price.

  • Service life of solar panels?
    • The lifespan of a solar PV panel is more than 30 years. However over some time solar modules usually degrade. Normally a solar panel would lose about 10% of its nominal power in 10-12 years. This is a world-wide standard for all global manufacturers.

  • How often should I clean my solar panels?
    • It goes without saying that the cleanliness of solar panels affects their efficiency – the cleaner the better. We recommend to keep your modules free from dust, dirt and snow and clean them up once or twice a year.

      You can always order a cleaning service from our dealer, who installed your system, or you can easily do it yourself using brush or wiper.

  • How winter and snow affect the efficiency of solar panels?
    • Solar panel generates electricity even being covered with snow as white snow transmits the light well enough. In fact, in winter, on a clear and frosty day module efficiency may even rise because of light reflection from snow, especially in February and March.

      Moreover, in northern countries, such as Canada, Russia and Norway, solar modules are mounted at a wide angle to horizon or even vertically on walls to prevent snow accumulation, which may badly impact power generation.

      However from November to January, when the weather is mostly cloudy, the efficiency of solar panels may decrease up to 3-5 times. Therefore we recommend to use hybrid systems with Genset or wind turbine. Hybrid energy system will significantly improve your energy autonomy and there will be no need to worry about blackout.

  • How does my solar panel works on cloudy days?
    • Even when it is cloudy, your panel will still produce electricity but in a smaller amount. If you pick the right configuration and store some of the power in batteries, you will have sufficient power for your use.

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