Solar LED Street Light

NEW Concept – “Plug&Play”

NEOSUN Energy has teamed up with Phillips to produce the highest quality Solar Street Lights that can emit up to 7200lm of illumination.

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The Next Generation of the Solar Street Light


NEOSUN Solar Street Lights were uniquely designed to meet the demanding performance and lightning needs of virtually any application. Our Street Lights utilize innovative technology while maintaining simplicity and durability.  The unique flexible design allows installations on roadways, parking lots, parks, walkways, and even be used to decorate your home’s landscaping.

With variety of different modes programmable through a remote control the off-grid installation could achieve up to three days of work on a single charge even in bad weather conditions.

Structure explosive view of NEOSUN Solar LED Street Light

Structure and components of NEOSUN Solar LED Street Light

LED Light head

Innovaitive Technology

Based on the 72 pcs of Philips SMD3030 LED, with total efficiency up to 7200lm, this LED light lamp provides an extended lighting performance.

Built-in high quality Lithium Battery and Microwave sensor ensures a long service life and stable operating during the night time.

solar panel

Excellent performance provided by high efficiency NEOSUN Solar Panels

The longevity and effectiveness of our street lights are achieved through the use of NEOSUN solar panels that reach up to 20% efficiency and provide a solid foundation for excellent performance.

mounting brackets

Flexible and simple installation

With unique and simple Solar Street Lights design by NEOSUN Energy you can now add light virtually anywhere without any hassle.  It will provide years of efficient, cost effective, maintenance free lighting without the need to connect to the electrical grid.

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