Solar panels for homeIt’s hard to find someone who does not dream of his own house away from city noise and its problems. However it does not matter, how far you are from civilization, you will need some electrical equipment for lighting and cooking to support your lifestyle. The most sophisticated people cannot do without a full set of customary household appliances like PC, phone, TV and other benefits of civilization.

Today it is not an issue to provide all the necessary infrastructure if your house is within the city limits. But what if your residence is at some distance from the city or even in remote location like mountains? It makes no sense to wait for someone to build power lines; it can take a lot of time and money. In this situation alternative energy can be a good solution.

A modern solar power plant is able to provide your house or even farm with an efficient and cost-effective power source of any capacity. You will have enough electricity for lighting and household equipment as well as for independent water supply and sewerage. A small 3-5kW solar power station can fully cover the energy requirements of a small house. Larger 2-3 storied cottages or farms will require 10- 20kW systems but much will depend on your power consumption.

Roof solar panelsIt is better to use a professional company to make calculations and select the right solar panels for your situation. Most businesses focused on alternative energy can offer turnkey systems with the capacity from 1kW to 20kW and above. They can also offer a tailored design based on climate in your region and your personal required level of self-sufficiency.

In fact, despite all their strengths solar panels have a number of weaknesses. Thus, in northern countries in winter and cloudy weather the efficiency of solar panels can be 5 times lower. In order to maintain power supply you will have to increase the area of solar modules and batteries’ capacity or use hybrid systems with wind generators also called wind turbines.

In contrast to sun, wind is available 24 hours a day. In winter, when solar batteries show minimum efficiency, wind turbine provides maximum power. Therefore additional 1-3kW wind generator will support your energy self-sufficiency and reduce your dependence on weather and other factors.

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