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Solar energy is environmental friendly, safe and in abundant supply. PV systems allow you to become more independent from rising electricity costs. They provide homeowners with a sustainable and decentralized energy supply without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

More and more homeowners are going solar to reduce their electricity bills and protect the environment for future generations. With various level of governments‘ financial support for solar PV system installation and feed-in-tariff for purchasing solar power fed into the grid, solar power system investment has become a risk-free financial product with a very attractive rate of return.

A complete system, designed to work together

NEOSUN Energy offers home owners complete residential solar system solutions to meet their green energy needs. These residential solar power systems are designed to meet different building applications in system sizes from 8kW till 30kW. We can also provide customized solar power solutions for special energy requirements.

System configuration

neosun energy home system kit

1. Solar modules
Use light energy from the sun to generate electricity through the photovoltaic effect

2. DC Solar Combiner box
Improve the reliability and protect the DC circuit of PV system

3. Inverter
Convert the direct current (DC) from the solar modules to AC.

4. AC Combiner box
Improve the reliability and protect the AC circuit of PV system

5. Meter
Tracks the AC electricity coming from and being sendback to the utility grid

Included system components

System model Capacity Module type Modules QTY Inverter model Mountings & wires Area
NEOSUN HS-8K 8 kW NS-265P 30 pcs TPI-8K included min 50m2
NEOSUN HS-15K 15 kW NS-265P 57 pcs TPI-15K included min 95m2
NEOSUN HS-25K 25 kW NS-265P 94 pcs TPI-25K included min 160m2
NEOSUN HS-30K 30 kW NS-265P 114 pcs TPI-30K included min 190m2

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Electrical component features

As an international high-tech company NEOSUN Energy is committed to providing high quality solar products, solar system solutions and services to customers around the world. Our complete home solar system was designed and engineered by one company. From the high efficiency panels to energy monitoring software, every component is design to work together perfectly – from sun to switch.

neosun energy poly solar panel 60 cells

Solar Module NEOSUN NS-265P

  • High system energy yield
  • High module quality
  • Robust module construction
  • Heavy snow load up to 500kg/m2
  • Wind load up to 60m/s
  • 25 year performance warranty

Three Phase On-Grid Inverter NEOSUN TPI 15kW - 25kW

On-Grid Inverter TPI Series

  • 98.4% High Efficiency
  • IP 65, stainless steel housing
  • 2 Advanced MPPT automatic tracking
  • In-build protection for overvoltage, Islanding, overload, overheating, etc.
  • Light weight

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