Double glass solar module NEOSUN Energy

Double Glass Solar Module


Solar cells:5BB, Grade-A, Poly or Mono, 60 or 72 cells (PERC technology)
Max Power:270W - 360W
Dimension:1658x992x6mm or 1968x992x6mm
Weight:23 or 28 kg
Warranty:30 years warranty (PID effect)

Frameless solar module also known as Double Glass Solar Panel is an innovative product uses solar cells layer laminated between two 2.5mm heat-strengthened glasses instead of the traditional polymer backsheet.

It has no metal frame so it requires no grounding. This eliminates the cause of Potential Induced Degradation (PID) and the solar panel can withstand high humidity, high temperatures, sandstorms, ultraviolet and corrosion making it more reliable and durable during its lifetime more than 30 years.



Actually this is a new type of building material, which provides green and sustainable energy as well as building preservation. Great for construction of car parking and bus stop, greenhouses, atriums of shopping and business centers, sports facilities.  It’s designed to be compatible with most conventional glazing systems for facades and skylights.

Double Glass Solar Modules by NEOSUN Energy can be customized in different dimension, thickness and shape. It allows regulating the light transmission and the level of shading inside the building by adjusting the distance between the solar cells during production process.


Excellent cells efficiency

We use only Grade-A Cells with efficiency up to 20.8% achieved through advanced PERC technology


Positive power tolerance

Guarantee from 0 to +10W as power tolerance, you can obtain more power than conventional output



The double glass technology allow to make very thin solar modules. Easy installation and transportation.


Sand and salt protection

Reliable quality leads to a better sustainability even in harsh environment like desert or coastline


High wind and snow resistance

NEOSUN Energy modules withstand snow load of up to 550 kg/m² and wind speed of up to 162km/h


Excellent weak light performance

Solar modules from NEOSUN Energy has excellent weak light performance (morning, evening and cloudy days)

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