Central PV Inverters NEOSUN-TPI-500K

Grid-tied Central PV Inverter

NEOSUN TPI – 500kW and 630kW

Rated power:500/630KW (Max power 600/700KW)
Inverter type:Central PV On-Grid Inverter
Max DC Voltage:1000VDC

Both NEOSUN TPI-500K and TPI-630K are endowed with an innovative design, deliver outstanding performance, and ensure the simple installation while maximizing returns either for medium or large scale solar power plants. In combination with an external transformer, the NEOSUN Central PV Inverter can be connected to any utility grid. With a peak efficiency of 98.7%, it outperforms all other inverters in its class.




  • Max efficiency 98.7%, European efficiency over 98.5%
  • 2 MPPT
  • Modular design of boost and inverter circuit enables intelligent sleep and easy-maintenance
  • Excellent over-load capacity ensure energy production under strong sunshine


  • Built-in DC breaker, which can save costs
  • Reliable components and easy to maintain


  • Reliable power supply through either self-supply or supply from grid
  • High-end cooling technology


  • Remote monitor and on-line system management
  • Smart bus capacitor life time detection
  • Innovative design reduces harmonics, THDi <2%
  • Adapt to bad grid condition

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