NEOSUN Energy developed a new product – double glass solar panels

double glass solar panels

NEOSUN Energy engineers have developed a new product – double glass solar panels with transparent backsheet.  On the outside these panels look like a regular glass with silicone cells soldered inside it.  However, they do not have the outside frame, which significantly extends its range of use.

The main advantage of these solar panels is that they let part of the sunlight through, thus allowing to use them to reduce the illumination in the room, or simply use them as aesthetic design solution.

Double glass solar panels can be used in construction of shopping centers, glass atriums, stadium or basin canopies, and even parking lots.  They are useful in any projects, where the space is valuable and could be utilized for generating electricity.

According to its electrical characteristics the new panels do not differ from standard NS series of NEOSUN modules.  They have the same 18% efficiency for polycrystalline panels and 20% efficiency for monocrystalline panels, while the capacity can reach up to 320W depending on the type and the size of modules.

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