Commercial Solar Power Solutions

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Our customised solar PV energy systems with capacity from 20kW to 4MW offer independence from rising electricity or diesel prices and reduce operating cost

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Use self-generated solar power to reduce your energy costs

Around two-thirds of electrical energy is used in industrial plants for the production of goods and services. With ever increasing electricity and fuels prices this is a significant cost factor. The sun is an unlimited source of energy that is freely available for anyone. We will be pleased to show you the advantages of solar energy and how we use solar energy to gain energy independence and make your business more profitable.

Commercial solar power is one of the simplest ways to reduce electricity costs because low cost renewable energy today is competitive with traditional fossil fuels in many off-grid areas, especially in agricultural, industrial or mining applications. The roof of your commercial/industrial building, your parking lot or unused land can be converted into an asset which delivers lasting value to your business.

Our services:

NEOSUN Energy provides customised solar PV power solutions for commercial, agricultural and industrial properties to offer maximum flexibility and efficiency in the generation, consumption and storage of solar power. With NEOSUN Energy, your business will have the opportunity to leverage world-class solar solutions with little capital costs. Read more about our EPC offering.



NEOSUN provides complete electrical and mechanical design services to correctly size your system and provide for seamless integration into your existing infrastructure. Our in-house solar experts bring advanced, innovative and cost-effective solutions to every project they engage in. All our designs are optimized to achieve the highest returns and allow for efficient implementation.



NEOSUN has a network of international suppliers to provide cost effective and high quality system components. Identifying the products that meet the demands our clients’ objectives is central to our success. Every supplier and construction partner we use needs to pass a stringent selection and accreditation process.


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NEOSUN provides a turnkey construction service to ensure one point of contact and responsibility throughout the construction process. All required Health and Safety and Environmental Compliance is adhered to at the highest level. Our in-house team manage all on-site activity including permitting, site-prep, construction, interconnection and commissioning.


neosun energy team on site

We provide operation and maintenance services to guaranty peace of mind and to continually ensure that your system is operating to its maximum efficiency. By maintaining the solar plant operation, we ensure that your system continues to produce energy at maximum levels throughout the life span of the system.


  • Payback from 1 to 6 years;
  • More than 25 years service live;
  • Ideal for all commercial applications: rooftop, ground-mounted and parking lots;
  • Low electricity costs, especially during peak daytime business hours;
  • Maximum flexibility with scalable system designs;
  • Best-in-class components with cutting-edge technology solar panels;
  • Fast installation and flexible integration of storage systems;
  • Independence and autonomy;


  • Agriculture & Water pumping
  • Logistics distribution centers & Warehouses
  • Harbor facilities or Airport terminals
  • Schools & Higher Education
  • Government, Military & NGO
  • Construction & Mining
  • Retailers & Supermarket chains
  • Hospitality & Healthcare
  • Auto Dealerships & Carports
  • Telecommunications
  • Small Businesses
  • Home Builders



NEOSUN Energy is an international high-tech company, manufacturer of a new generation solar panels, developer and installer of comprehensive solar energy solutions for industrial and agricultural use. Learn more…

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