About Us

NEOSUN Energy is an international high-tech company, manufacturer of a new generation solar panels, developer advanced solar energy systems for Industrial and Agricultural use as well as for Homeowners.

NEOSUN Energy is not just a component manufacturer – we are committed to building a Smart Energy Management System and Software to manage the production, usage, trade and distribution of energy for the private solar energy projects as well as for Microgrid.

We believe that the smart energy network now is embracing the same chance as the Internet did 20 years ago. It will ensure the transformation of the energy market and transition to local energy generation based on smart grids and the Internet of Things. Moreover, it allows making electricity and lighting available in any corner of the world, to change and improve lives by bringing energy, connectivity and water to people in off-grid and remote areas.

We provide clean and renewable energy.
NEOSUN Energy for the clean future of our planet.

Our Technology and Production lines

Working in cooperation with international research centers, the R&D team of NEOSUN Energy has developed innovative products to make renewable energy cost equal to or even lower than most traditional power generation methods.

Our production lines are fully automated and coming along with multistage quality control. We pay a great deal of attention to every single detail beginning with a careful selection of component suppliers and to staff qualification.

Our geography

Solar power stations from NEOSUN Energy allow to gain independence and to run business in any location even distant from central power grid. We provide commercial turnkey solutions for factories, farms or even cottage settlements thereby giving the opportunity to build the plant or farm anywhere you need without power lines and electricity bills.

As of today NEOSUN Energy’s business has expanded to Africa, Middle East, Latin America and all over the world. You can easily reach us by contacting one of our offices in Russia, China or Hong Kong.

neosun energy geography map